Drug Abuse Among College Students

Drug Abuse Among College Students

Most people look back on college as one of the best times of their lives.  This is where their career path started, many met their spouses there and college was a good experience for them.  For others the path is much different, that is the point in time where their addictions started.

Young people between 18-24 are already at higher risk for addiction and college students make up one of the largest groups of abusers of drugs and alcohol in the nation.  College students are twice as likely to abuse than those that don’t go to college.  College life can be filled with anxiety, it is the first time away from home, and there is a lot of pressure to succeed not to mention the financial burdens you have to carry.  College also has A LOT of parties, the temptation to drink is everywhere and for some students alcohol makes socializing easier.  Here is a video showing how serious drug abuse is to young people.

The Factors

There are a number of contributing factors that cause drug abuse among students and they can include:

Stress:  As mentioned earlier college can be one of the most stressful times in your life.  There are financial burdens, jobs, social obligations and don’t overlook the fact that some students are just plain homesick.

Heavy Course Load:  Some college programs are tough and the work load is heavy, students struggling to balance the work load with everyday jobs are left pulling more than one all nighter to get assignments handed in on time.  They end up turning to stimulants such as Adderall to be able to stay awake, often the Adderall is obtained without a legal prescription.

Curiosity:  College is a time of experimentation both personally and professionally.  Drug exploration is part of the culture of self discovery and on campus drugs are readily available.

Peer pressure:  College in many ways is still an extension of high school when it comes to peer pressure.  Surrounded by others who are experimenting with drugs and alcohol can make you far more likely to give in to the pressure to try.

Drugs of Choice on College Campuses

Alcohol still makes up the biggest part of substance abuse on campus, since parties are an accepted part of college life very few question when someone is binge drinking or drinking to excess.  Adderall and other stimulants are becoming even more popular as students try and balance full time studies with full time jobs.  Marijuana is overtaking alcohol as the drug of choice as legalization continues to happen across the country.

When to Begin Drug Awareness and Abuse Prevention Education

When to Begin Drug Awareness and Abuse Prevention Education

Drug and substance abuse is a menace that affects people regardless of the age, gender, and social status. For many people, they don’t view their drug use as a problem. With continuous use, addiction results often before the user even realizes it.  At this point the user will not be able to live without the drugs and coming off of them is a long and painful process.

When to Begin Drug Awareness and Abuse Prevention Education

Effective drug and substance abuse prevention is the key to eradicating this preventable disease. There are several prevention strategies that can be applied and implemented in various stages and settings for better outcomes.

Here are some of the best times to implement drug awareness and prevention strategies.

Early intervention

Trying prevention methods at an early stage has been proven to be the most effective intervention strategy. This refers to the period before highs school. Individuals who begin substance abuse at a younger age find it difficult to quit at later stages of life. The intervention strategies can target families, the community, and schools at large.


To begin, the risk of drug abuse increases during transition periods, and adolescents can be a high risk group.   Peers pressures, idleness, lack of employment and the desire to try out new things are among the driving factors to this behavior. This enormously impairs the productive cohort of the society. Additionally, drugs interfere with various functions of the brain leading to future developmental problems.


At this point your usually dealing with full blown addiction and working with the addict to achieve recovery.  Prevention must happen much earlier in order to be effective.

Preventive measures that is applicable at all stages

Drug education

This is a planned basic education aimed at providing relevant information to various groups of people about drugs and the associated adverse effects. Organizations and other programs aimed at eradicating drug and substance abuse can take up this role and educate people on an individual, family or community level.


The government should cooperate with individuals, families and the society at large to legislate rules and regulations guarding drug abuse. This will, in a big way, reduce the number of individuals suffering from addiction.

Guidance and counseling

Divorces, loss of a job and other life stressors are among the key factors that lead to abuse of drugs. Counseling the affected individuals on better coping mechanisms, therefore, is essential to reduce such instances.

Drug and substance abuse is a tragedy tearing the society apart. Loss of lives, loss of productive energy and development are some of the consequences of this act. It is, therefore, essential to take appropriate preventive measures at the right time and setting to eradicate it.

How to Choose From A Litter Of Red German Shepherd Puppies

How to Choose From A Litter Of Red German Shepherd Puppies

Being a responsible and conscientious dog owner is one of the most rewarding jobs of a lifetime. There is no other animal on earth that can be more loving and caring than a faithful dog. It can be your best friend, protector, and confidant for life. There are some breeds that have abilities that are more suited for some people than others, but on the whole, dogs have good hearts and welcoming souls. Here are some tips on choosing a puppy that’s right for you, and how the Red German Shepherd puppies in Fleischerheim.com can be excellent lifelong companions.

Do You Take The Puppy That Runs To You?

You’ll hear this said many times, that when choosing a puppy from the litter you should take the one that runs up to you. You will still get a great dog, but most likely a more active dog with a stronger personality. If instead, you choose a more passive puppy, one that waits in the background and isn’t aggressive, that dog may be more loving, less high-strung, bark less and easier to train.

The puppy that runs right up to is going to be a very outgoing and bold dog that will enjoy fetching sticks, playing with toys all hours of the day and jumping up on you to gain attention. On the other hand, the more passive puppy may only bark when necessary, never jump up on you or your visitors, plus be more gentle and kind to younger children. These generalizations are not 100% accurate in all dogs, especially puppies, they will have all of these traits to a certain degree.

When Considering Red German Shepherd Puppies Look at the Entire Group

If the entire litter is barking and afraid of you, or even most of them, it may be best to avoid getting any of these puppies. Even if there is one passive puppy out of the entire litter it may still have some inherited bad genes. Also, avoid puppies that are totally afraid, that tuck their tails away and run, as these will most likely grow into a very shy adult dog that snaps and bites people out of fear.

Puppies are quite curious, trusting of everybody and generally friendly. They nibble on your hands, pulling your shoelaces and play with each other alternately while checking you out. The way that the puppies interact with each other will be similar to how they interact with humans and that is a good way to decide on the type of puppy that you desire.

Puppies Will Act Differently Separated From Their Littermates

A puppy that is bold and confident when surrounded by his littermates may become more timid and shy when alone, this is quite normal. Additionally, a hyperactive and energetic puppy may also become quite calm and friendly when not amongst its siblings. These are all things to consider as you choose the best puppy of the litter to be your next best friend or guard dog, depending on your needs.

Choosing a puppy doesn’t need to be a difficult job and most of it is just common sense if you follow the tips above. Be sure and take the time to look at the parents of the puppy as many of their traits will be passed on to the puppies as well. Most dogs, even those that have inherited a few bad traits, can be trained with care to be excellent pets, guard dogs, or working dogs if that is what you desire.

What to Know Before Purchasing Washington Heights Apartments

What to Know Before Purchasing Washington Heights Apartments

When it comes to commercial real estate investing,  Washington Heights apartments are very common buildings to invest in.  However, the process must be done carefully.  Therefore, before you invest, make sure you understand the area, the property, and the risks.

Are You Familiar with the Washington Heights Area?

The neighborhood of Washington Heights can be found in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.  As with many areas in New York, it is a large area for its size.  Over 150,000 people live in the neighborhood of Washington Heights.

Ask yourself if you’re familiar with the area, its history, its diversity, etc.  You should never invest in an apartment building without knowing the basics of the area.

Understand How Much You Are Investing

If you understand the area of Washington Heights, you will understand the costs of  Washington Heights apartment buildings in that location and how much you’ll need to invest.  New York is known for high property taxes, high rent, and the high costs of buildings.  Prepare to spend over a million dollars to buy an apartment building in New York.  To invest in property in New York means that you have to have sufficient capital.

Who Will Your Tenants Be?

Washington Heights is an area for working-class and middle-class people.  When offering apartments to tenants, however, the cost of these apartments will be in relation to the cost of rent in the New York area.  Any tenant that you have will have to be able to afford the high rent, and most likely may have one or two roommates.

What Are The Zoning and Building Laws?

You should never attempt to purchase an apartment building without understanding the zoning and building laws of the area.  A real estate professional can help you understand all of the various rules and regulations that you must know before you attempt to be a property owner of an apartment building.

Know What It Means To Be a LandLord in Washington Heights

Becoming a landlord is no easy feat.  The building belongs to you.  If any of your tenants fail to pay the rent, it falls on you to cover it, and it falls on you to take action against the tenant.  Landlord/Tenant laws favor the tenant.  So understand that removing a tenant from an apartment building is a long process despite the tenant not paying the rent.  If something physical happens to the building, that falls on you to make the repairs.  It’s also your responsibility to cover taxes and fees for the building.  You must have a sufficient amount of money set aside to cover all of the costs associated with being a landlord.

With the right education and preparation, you can enter into a commercial real estate deal armed with the confidence it takes to succeed as an owner.   The Washington Heights area is a well-known area in New York that will provide you with tenants.  Be prepared to be the kind of landlord you need to be for Washington Heights apartments.