How to Choose From A Litter Of Red German Shepherd Puppies

How to Choose From A Litter Of Red German Shepherd Puppies

Being a responsible and conscientious dog owner is one of the most rewarding jobs of a lifetime. There is no other animal on earth that can be more loving and caring than a faithful dog. It can be your best friend, protector, and confidant for life. There are some breeds that have abilities that are more suited for some people than others, but on the whole, dogs have good hearts and welcoming souls. Here are some tips on choosing a puppy that’s right for you, and how the Red German Shepherd puppies in can be excellent lifelong companions.

Do You Take The Puppy That Runs To You?

You’ll hear this said many times, that when choosing a puppy from the litter you should take the one that runs up to you. You will still get a great dog, but most likely a more active dog with a stronger personality. If instead, you choose a more passive puppy, one that waits in the background and isn’t aggressive, that dog may be more loving, less high-strung, bark less and easier to train.

The puppy that runs right up to is going to be a very outgoing and bold dog that will enjoy fetching sticks, playing with toys all hours of the day and jumping up on you to gain attention. On the other hand, the more passive puppy may only bark when necessary, never jump up on you or your visitors, plus be more gentle and kind to younger children. These generalizations are not 100% accurate in all dogs, especially puppies, they will have all of these traits to a certain degree.

When Considering Red German Shepherd Puppies Look at the Entire Group

If the entire litter is barking and afraid of you, or even most of them, it may be best to avoid getting any of these puppies. Even if there is one passive puppy out of the entire litter it may still have some inherited bad genes. Also, avoid puppies that are totally afraid, that tuck their tails away and run, as these will most likely grow into a very shy adult dog that snaps and bites people out of fear.

Puppies are quite curious, trusting of everybody and generally friendly. They nibble on your hands, pulling your shoelaces and play with each other alternately while checking you out. The way that the puppies interact with each other will be similar to how they interact with humans and that is a good way to decide on the type of puppy that you desire.

Puppies Will Act Differently Separated From Their Littermates

A puppy that is bold and confident when surrounded by his littermates may become more timid and shy when alone, this is quite normal. Additionally, a hyperactive and energetic puppy may also become quite calm and friendly when not amongst its siblings. These are all things to consider as you choose the best puppy of the litter to be your next best friend or guard dog, depending on your needs.

Choosing a puppy doesn’t need to be a difficult job and most of it is just common sense if you follow the tips above. Be sure and take the time to look at the parents of the puppy as many of their traits will be passed on to the puppies as well. Most dogs, even those that have inherited a few bad traits, can be trained with care to be excellent pets, guard dogs, or working dogs if that is what you desire.

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