What to Know Before Purchasing Washington Heights Apartments

What to Know Before Purchasing Washington Heights Apartments

When it comes to commercial real estate investing,  Washington Heights apartments are very common buildings to invest in.  However, the process must be done carefully.  Therefore, before you invest, make sure you understand the area, the property, and the risks.

Are You Familiar with the Washington Heights Area?

The neighborhood of Washington Heights can be found in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.  As with many areas in New York, it is a large area for its size.  Over 150,000 people live in the neighborhood of Washington Heights.

Ask yourself if you’re familiar with the area, its history, its diversity, etc.  You should never invest in an apartment building without knowing the basics of the area.

Understand How Much You Are Investing

If you understand the area of Washington Heights, you will understand the costs of  Washington Heights apartment buildings in that location and how much you’ll need to invest.  New York is known for high property taxes, high rent, and the high costs of buildings.  Prepare to spend over a million dollars to buy an apartment building in New York.  To invest in property in New York means that you have to have sufficient capital.

Who Will Your Tenants Be?

Washington Heights is an area for working-class and middle-class people.  When offering apartments to tenants, however, the cost of these apartments will be in relation to the cost of rent in the New York area.  Any tenant that you have will have to be able to afford the high rent, and most likely may have one or two roommates.

What Are The Zoning and Building Laws?

You should never attempt to purchase an apartment building without understanding the zoning and building laws of the area.  A real estate professional can help you understand all of the various rules and regulations that you must know before you attempt to be a property owner of an apartment building.

Know What It Means To Be a LandLord in Washington Heights

Becoming a landlord is no easy feat.  The building belongs to you.  If any of your tenants fail to pay the rent, it falls on you to cover it, and it falls on you to take action against the tenant.  Landlord/Tenant laws favor the tenant.  So understand that removing a tenant from an apartment building is a long process despite the tenant not paying the rent.  If something physical happens to the building, that falls on you to make the repairs.  It’s also your responsibility to cover taxes and fees for the building.  You must have a sufficient amount of money set aside to cover all of the costs associated with being a landlord.

With the right education and preparation, you can enter into a commercial real estate deal armed with the confidence it takes to succeed as an owner.   The Washington Heights area is a well-known area in New York that will provide you with tenants.  Be prepared to be the kind of landlord you need to be for Washington Heights apartments.

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